Davis Elias Browning Farm House

farm house David

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The house of David Elias Browning was moved Tuesday, February 20, 2007 and everything went so well.   We were escorted by the sheriff's department and Quest trucks who lifted all the lines.  Everyone stopped to watch and people came out of their houses and businesses. We went down Harrison and took a left on 30th and headed down to Washington.  Then we went down to 24th took a left and went over the 24th Street viaduct and turned down to Fort Buenaventura.  The county met the costs of the moving and the foundation but need money for restoration and maintenance.  A big article will be in the Standard Examiner

Home and Gunshop


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Jonathan Browning joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in August 1840 after obtaining and becoming familiar with the Book of Mormon and the Prophet Joseph Smith. He lived in Quincy, Illinois where he had lived since 1834 and ran a successful gun repair business. In 1843, he moved with his family to Nauvoo and reestablished his business on Main Street. Browning’s business also prospered while he was in Nauvoo. The guns he produced in
Nauvoo possessed a unique engraved plate on the stock reading “Holiness to the Lord - Our Preservation.”

One of the great early gunsmiths, Browning is recognized as the man who invented the repeating rifle and six-shot repeater. His son, John Moses Browning, invented the automatic machine gun.

As an acknowledgment of his great contribution to society, his descendants helped fund an
authentic restoration of the Browning Home and Gunshop in Nauvoo in the 1970s, one of the first buildings in Nauvoo to be restored as seen above.

Roadside Plaque

Road Side

A roadside plaque was created in Jonathan's memory. The plaque is located near his birthplace in Tennesse.


Grave Marker

Grave Marker

This is an image of Jonathan's grave marker located in the Ogden Cemetary. The link on the right will provide you with a larger view of the writing on the marker.